Broad Hinton Village Hall is located in the centre of this beautiful rural village. The large new hall is a lovely space to practice Tai Chi and Chi Kung. With excellent wide opening doors, it is like doing Tai Chi in the open.

There is ample parking in front of the hall. The hall is well furnished and a good size to allow plenty of space for the Tai Chi form to take place. There is a kitchen, toilet facilities including disabled toilet.

There are several levels being taught here, from basic to intermediate. To enjoy a welcoming environment and combine high quality teaching with a sense of fun, pop in to have a go. Once you start it becomes a new life path and your life will change with each class you attend. Learn Tai Chi at your own pace and develop your skills slowly to ensure that once learned you will not forget the moves being taught.

The more advanced students are now learning the Gim, which is a Tai Chi straight sword, which extends the Chi beyond the hands to the tip of the sword and back to the centre of the body, which will help develop and strengthen the student's chi by stretching the chi in controlled movements.

Cost:   £9.00 per session  on a pay as you go basis


Broad Hinton Village Hall   Yew Tree Lane, Broad Hinton SN4 9RH

Wednesday       6.00 - 7.00 p.m.