Cancellation Charge and Fee Reduction

48 hours notice is required for all cancellations, and rescheduling of appointments, or the full session fee might be charged.

I offer a reduced fees for clients who are on benefits or in genuine financial hardship.  Please contact me to discuss. or Mob:   07598 620166 Other: 01249822057


If you cannot, or do not wish to attend a class with others, or you wish to hold a small group session in your home or garden, private lessons may well be what you require. Private sessions can be offered to individuals or corporate entities.

Who could benefit from private sessions?

  Those who cannot travel far from home or are housebound

  Those who experience difficulties working with others

  Those wishing to participate in focused instruction to make faster progress

  Small or larger Companies who wish to offer wellbeing to their employees and/or managers

  Schools who wish to offer wellbeing to their staff

  Schools who wish to offer Tai Chi and Chi Kung to students as part of PE studies or as a focusing exercise to aid students relax and gain additional focus in their studies.

  Clinics dealing with fall prevention and recovery from falls.

  Anyone wishing to be very focused on balance and physical control

  Homes for the elderly who wish to offer wellbeing and relaxation to their residents. Chi Kung can be done seated and some Tai Chi moves can be done seated. The objective would be to add strength to legs, back and shoulders, increase flexibility, improve posture and walking and bring confidence through developing better physical and mental control.


With private lessons you get a more focused instruction and a session can last between 45 minutes to 1 1/2 hours depending on your level of physical fitness or your own time constraints. Taking Tai Chi classes with two or three friends in the comfort of your own home or garden can be very focused and a beautiful shared experience and makes the process very enjoyable.
As with any form of instruction the more practice you do, the quicker progress you will make.
the Yang Style form is very smooth and easy flowing in nature and can add real confidence to individuals. The form has three sections to it and each section can be done a an exercise, individually or combined. Each section is slightly longer than the previous one and the level of physicality increases as you go through each section, finally coming back to the start position at the end of the form.

   So, if you want some private lessons, what does it cost?

   45 minutes          £35.00

   60 minutes          £45.00

   90 minutes          £60.00

   Groups should number no more than 5 persons.

   Larger groups fees are negotiable